Harry Hamburg: specialist crypto copywriter

So, you need a copywriter who actually knows what they’re talking about when it comes to crypto?

Well, you’re looking at one – so to speak.

I’ve been heavily involved in crypto copywriting for just over three years now, and financial copywriting for just over eight.

In terms of crypto writing:

  • Over the last few years I’ve written a few hundred crypto articles for a financial publisher in London – a selection of which you can find in my portfolio.
  • I also created and launched a cryptocurrency investment publication (Crypto Wire) which gained around 8,000 paying subscribers. Again, you can see examples of that in my portfolio.
  • And I’ve written a number of in-depth cryptocurrency guides, including a 52-page beginner’s guide to investing in crypto.
  • More recently, I launched another crypto focused website and publication: coin confidential, which is free to read. And I encourage you to have a look, if you want to find out if I know what I’m talking about.

And in terms of recent crypto copywriting:

  • I wrote the webinar script for Times Square Token, a Security Token Offering (STO) tokenising a $630 million trophy property on Times Square. You can read the script here.
  • And I worked with Ian Balina, to write the long-copy sales page, video sales letter script and 13-email sequence for his new multimillion-dollar investment platform, Token Metrics. You can watch the VSL here.

I’ve also reported from a number of different crypto industry events in the last few years, including:

From all of that, I hope you can see crypto and blockchain is something I genuinely do specialise in, have a great depth of knowledge about and a passion for.

I didn’t move into crypto copywriting on a whim.

This is a technology I truly believe will change the world, for the better. In fact, if you take a look at some of the links above, you’ll see it already is.

But this isn’t really about me, is it?

It’s about whether I can help you bring more business and investment to your crypto project.

It’s about whether working with me will help you make more money, and hopefully have more fun, than not working with me.

And to find the answer to that, I’d encourage you to read my main copywriting page, where you’ll find out exactly what I can and can’t help you with, and then decide for yourself.

If you like what you read, then drop me an email at: harry@harryhamburg.com and we can go from there.