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I usually look something like this, but my hair length varies a lot.

Let’s be honest here.

The whole point of this page is to try get you to hire me.

But without knowing anything about you, that’s difficult to do.

You see, all good copywriting rests on one simple principle: what’s in it for me?

Or in this case, for you.

Because, at the end of the day, that’s all anyone wants to know when they’re looking at your promotional material.

What’s in it for them to keep reading, what’s in it for them to use your products, subscribe to your services or invest in your business?

Well, that’s where I come in.

You’ve spent years, or even decades, building your business.

Meanwhile, for the past eight years, I’ve been sat on my backside – quite literally – hammering out words on a keyboard.

In fact, most of the time I’m not even hammering out words. I’m just researching.

But there’s a good reason for that. Like I said, copywriting is all about proving to your customer their life will be better with your product or service in it.

And the only way to do that is to know your product and your customers inside out.

It’s only then I can show them exactly what’s in it for them to choose you.

Ah, but I still haven’t really told you why you should choose me, have I?

Let’s take a look.

Why you shouldn’t hire me

Wait, aren’t I supposed to be trying to convince you why you should hire me?

Well, yes. But as I said in my opening, I’m going to be honest here.

Plus, doing it this way around lets me introduce you to another important copywriting principle: overcoming objections.

If you’ve read this far, my “lead” has worked. I’ve landed your interest. But you still have no idea if I’m actually the right copywriter for you.

So let’s take a look at those objections, shall we? So you can rule me out.

The main reason you won’t want to work with me is because I’m not a jack of all trades.

I’m a direct response copywriter.

So I don’t do “branding” or “awareness” and my writing will never win you any prestigious advertising industry awards.

What it will do – if I’m doing my job right – is make you money.

And what’s more, the amount of money it makes you will be directly measurable. So you’ll find out pretty fast if I’m any good or not.

That’s the magic of direct response copywriting.

I specialise in writing long-copy promotions, email sequences, sales funnels, VSLs and webinar scripts.

That means I won’t design your website, code your sales funnels or manage your email software for you.

What I specialise in is writing the words that make all of those things work.

For example:

  • I won’t set up your sales funnels. But I will write an upsell/dowsell/cross sell sequence that will massively increase your average order value.
  • I won’t design your website. But I will ensure the words on it make people feel the way you want them to feel and take the actions you want them to take when they use it.
  • I won’t manage your email software. But I will write a 5-email sequence to convert your free names into paying customers.

Ah, but how do I prove all that to you?

Why you should hire me

Time for another core copywriting principle: proof.

This is the part where I back up my claims with facts and figures.

Now if we’re not careful the “proof” part can often get boring.

And if you’ve read anything about copywriting, or advertising in general, you’ll know logic isn’t really what sells.

We make our decisions mainly based on emotions. It’s only later our minds justify our decisions with reason.

Or as someone much smarter than me once put it: “We do not want a thing because we have found reasons for it. We find reasons for it because we want it.”

But if you don’t offer people any proof, when they go back and think about their decision, they’ll realise it was based on nothing more than a whim.

That’s one of the reasons many businesses suffer high refund rates.

Plus, proof done right can be fun, too.

So what proof can I offer you?

I guess we should start with my experience

I began my copywriting career at MoneyWeek magazine, which at the time was the UK’s main Agora affiliate (if the name Agora means anything to you).

When I started, no one bothered to learn my name as most copywriters were culled long before their three-month probation was up… the rest were usually let go within a year.

In fact, the wall behind my desk was decorated with the name badges of all the fired copywriters from the previous couple of years.

So if you made it past your first year, you knew you were doing something right.

I was there for four years.

And in the end, I wasn’t even fired.

I was headhunted to help SAGA and Tilney Bestinvest launch a new joint venture: SAGA Investment Services.

I worked as their sole Financial Copywriter for nine months, before I was poached back by Southbank Investment Research (which had recently taken over from MoneyWeek as the UK’s biggest Agora affiliate.)

I stayed there for three years, working first as the Content Manager, and later moving up to Editor, where I wrote a daily tech investment e-letter to 85,000 subscribers.

(You can see my author archive for that e-letter, with around 350 of my articles on it here.)

I also created a monthly cryptocurrency newsletter called Crypto Wire, which gained around 8,000 paying subscribers.

I wrote these, and various other copywriting bits, until I left Southbank Investment Research to go freelance in August 2019.

More recently I wrote the webinar script for Times Square Token, a Security Token Offering (STO) selling a $630 million trophy property on… yes, you guessed it… Times Square.

And I worked with Ian Balina to write the sales page and email sequences for his new multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency investment platform, Token Metrics.

Oh, and I also created and run coinconfidential.com, which I write new articles for weekly.

And then move on to my portfolio

Still not convinced?

Yeah, I wouldn’t be either.

I mean, I haven’t given you any real evidence of my writing, have I?

That’s where my portfolio comes in, which you can find here.

If you follow that link, you’ll be taken to a Google document, which hosts a whole heap of my copywriting projects.

And given that I’ve been doing this for eight years, there are a fair few of them.

But don’t worry, it’s all categorised. So you can find the most similar ones to what I’d be working with you on easily.

And to prove I’m a real person, here’s my LinkedIn profile.

On there you can find out even more about my experience and education – like the little-known fact I’m an NCTJ qualified journalist.

Okay, that’s the proof part over with.

Now we’re on the finish line – the “push”.

Let’s work on some ideas together

Yeah. You got me.

By now you’ve probably realised this whole page is kind of like a sales letter.

Which brings us nicely to our final copywriting principle: show don’t tell.

Like I said at the beginning, this site is designed to sell you on why I should write your copy.

And there’s no better way to do that than by showing you how I write.

It’s no good me just telling you that “I’m adept at writing conversational copy that not only converts, but entertains as well”.

I need to show you. Otherwise, why should you believe me?

And it’s no good me telling you that “I can take extremely complex technical ideas and break them down into something even your dog could understand.”

If you have a browse of coin confidential, you’ll see for yourself that’s true – without me trying to convince you of anything.

(Although, maybe the part about the dog is a bit of an exaggeration. But hey, you might have a really smart dog…)

Because, to come back full circle, the entire point of copywriting is to show your reader what’s in it for them to go with you.

There’s no “trick”.

There’s no “secret”.

There’s no duplicity.

As you’ve seen today, it’s actually very simple.

However, as I’m sure you know, it’s far from easy.

If it was, I’d be out of the job.

And speaking of jobs, isn’t that why you were here in the first place – to find out if I was worth hiring?

If, after all that, you think I might be, drop me an email at harry@harryhamburg.com with an outline of what you’re after, and we can go from there.

PS If you want to know more about what I specialise in, you can read about  my financial copywriting here and crypto copywriting here.